ojos bien abiertos

El enfoque de los de la neweconomics no suele ser de mi agrado, sin embargo hoy han traído una entrada en la que Jayati Ghosh (de ojos tan abiertos y contrastados que parece una deidad sumeria) propone una serie de medidas para que los países en vías de desarrollo afronten el ya incipiente cambio climático. Lo que me ha llamado la antención es que esas medidas, que me parecen muy acertadas, son más urgentes entre nosotros, países en decadencia (no dejemos a los políticos en soledad). Copipego la lista:
  •  Actively promote the viability of sustainable food production with small holder cultivation that can cope with the greater incidence of climate variability; 
  • Reduce and regulate corporate power in food and other productive industries, as well as in finance, so that undesirable forms of consumption and production are not promoted or perpetuated;
  • Shift from carbon-based production to renewable energy;
  • Emphasise clean, efficient and affordable public transport systems rather than allow polluting and  congesting private transport systems;
  • Reduce income and asset inequalities  that generate unsustainable consumption patterns among the privileged and create the desire for them among others, by using explicitly redistributive measures, fiscal incentives (taxes and subsidies) and outright regulation;
  • Focus on urban planning and management that reduces resource use and deals better with waste of all kinds;
  • Protect and nurture dwindling water resources;
  • Fight the monopoly of knowledge and control over technology created by the regime of intellectual property rights and ensure greater access to relevant “green” technologies to developing countries;
  • Resist and control international trade and investment patterns that create incentives for over-exploiting people and nature;
  • Develop a set of quantifiable measures of genuine human progress, based as far as possible on objective criteria describing conditions of life (not GDP), which can be regularly estimated and monitored to hold governments and other agents accountable.


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